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17.02.2014 - transported successfuly Eurostar 3000 satellite from Toulouse, France to Long Beach, USA.

After arriving it has been transported to the Sea Launch “Home Port” facility to be prepared for launch on April 15. The satellite will be launched from an ocean–based launch platform located directly on the equator.

Polet Airlines was praised for professionalism and great effort by the Yorann Marc - SDV Sales Representative.

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Operating in the air cargo market since 1989, Polet Airlines has come a long way from an aircraft leasing partnership to one of the major aviation companies, which owns and operates the unique AN-124-100 and IL-96-400T aircraft. At present, Polet enjoys a well-deserved top service position among the heavy cargo operators. Analysis and feasibility studies are giving bigger market share every year. read more

Video Presentation

Toulouse, France - Loading of Eurostar 3000 satellite